Rent 2 Rent

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My first post. I'm currently living in England (UK) and will be moving to Southern California next Summer. We have rent to rent here where you can take over and manage somebody else's property (usually a house) and usually its at least 4 bedrooms and rent out the individual room and make a profit. Is there anything like that in S. California does anybody know?

Sounds like an AirBNB type arrangement. Most landlords will have a clause in their leases to restrict subletting their rental property, but there may be someone you can find. See also other sublet airbnb posts on bigger pockets...

Rent to Rent is extremely popular in England nowadays and also very profitable. There are no void or tenant problems for the owner and the property often gets a makeover as well to attract the high quality professional tenants.  Will start doing it once I move to Southern California.