Abandoned house. Lots of potential!!!

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I saw a big Victorian home, that is obviously abandoned, while driving the other day. After a little research I discovered that the property has no address and is part of a pretty big lot.

How do I find out more info about this? With no address I can't find the owner. Any ideas?

@Dustin Benton There are a number of steps in qualifying a vacant, abandoned property as a potential target purchase. 

The first three steps: 

1) Estimated the property value

2) Estimate the equity. Are there loans or liens in the property? Guest inset cost of rehab?

3) Who owns it? Check record title at county recorder. 

98% of people will never follow through with these first three action steps. 

I have come across this same problem several times. I jot down the address next door then go home and look that address up on Trulia or Realtor.com. I scroll over the house I'm looking for and the site tells me the address. then I go to my counties property appraisers site and type in the address. Up comes the info I'm looking for. Mail a letter and wait for a call.

Hope this helps

thanks guys! The problems is I found the property in real life and on trulia, Zillow etc. the just isnt an address. It just a vacant empty lot. 

I did find a guy who seems to know the owners though

Look on the county accessor website.  Most counties now have gis maps where you can search my finding a known address near by to find your property uou are after.

If you cannot even determine the address, use the triangulation method:

Write down the addresses of the adjacent properties, including those on both sides and behind. If a corner lot, get what you can.

Take these addresses and lot at the plat map of the tax assessor. Identify the others and that will get you the assessors parcel number for the subject property.

Use the APN to determine who the tax collector is sending bills to and the address.

This may or may not be the owner. Determine the record owner by chaining title with the county recorder. Look at the most recently recorded transfer deed. Look at prior transfer(s) and determine that they make sense. Essentially, connect the dots.

The great majority of would-be abandoned house hunters will not go to the trouble of researching title and skip tracing the owners (or their heirs). A very few will, and they're the one who get the deals.