My strategy is not innovative, but a strategy none the less. This forum was the closest to what I wanted to talk about so I decided to post here. I recently posted in another forum that my wife and I are new sales agents in the Tampa, FL area and that I am seeking to work diligently at finding great deals for investors utilizing the MLS. I am extremely eager to learn the REI business and eventually not only want to be able to create wealth for the future, but help others do the same. I have been reading and listening to podcasts and am ready to pull the trigger. I am seeking a seasoned REI that is willing to teach me what a good deal is for them so I can go out and search. I understand that many are not willing to take the time, but if you are one of the few in the Tampa, FL area please message me. I will continue to read, study, listen, and research on my own until then. I will keep BPrs up to date with my success.

Thank you for your consideration!