Tax assessment strategy on short term buy and flip

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Over the weekend I got an accepted offer on four properties (three MF, ones SF) for ~50% of the tax assessed value. Since they are 45-60 minutes away, I don't have a desire to hang on to them long term like the other's I own in my local area. Thinking through my exit strategy for the properties, I'm not sure what the pros or cons are to having the property taxes adjusted in the short term and how it would affect the evaluation when I go to sell in 1-2 years.

My thought is to turn around in a year and sell two of the properties back to the current tenants who've expressed interest in buying them, and hold on two the other two and bundle them back up and sell after two years. The concern though is if I'm able to get the property taxes lowered to reflect the sales price, it's going to really hurt the price I'm going to be able to sell them out down the road.

Any thoughts?

In my experience there is little relevance between tax value and fair market value. I contest all of my tax values whenever I have enough information to back it, I have a few of my properties 100k+ below FMV, when it comes time to sell appraisers will use comps not tax value and I have never met anyone that based their bids on tax value.

That is a good point. Maybe I'm over-thinking things that the average buyer would look at. I know if I was purchasing a property that had a FMV well above the tax assessed value, it would certainly raise an eye brow.

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