Schaub and Fortunado in San Fran This Weekend

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Anyone else going to this seminar in San Francisco this weekend coming up? Really looking forward to it. Heard great things about these two from multiple big time real estate investors. Don’t mind spending and writing off some of that money we all earn in this business to take away some great knowledge in the creative game of real estate. Pete is the most creative there is out there, from what I hear, and to me that’s the fun part of REI. Anyways, if there are seats open and you got time I suggest looking into it.

I think they make more money from selling seminars, books, etc. than from real estate investments. 

Those that can do, those that can't teach. 

Amit, these guys have been around for ever and every big investor I know agrees that it’s worth every penny to go and learn from them. I don’t even think peter has a book published. He has been investing since 1965 I believe and is noted as one of the most creative real estate minds out there. They charge minimal for there seminars and give so much more. It’s not a wasted wholesale or fix and flip rip off camp we are talking about here. Surprised you have never heard of these two, look them up.

I heard them both speak years ago. Meh. They make money from seminars more than real estate. But I agree, not a blatant rip off like some others; at least it was only $25 at the evening BAWB event back then. But basically the stuff they advocate (seller financing, wrap arounds, lease to own, etc.) are only applicable to lower end rental markets. Almost non applies to prime Bay Area markets. 

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