What to do about stinky tenants?

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This sounds ridiculous. A couple is renting from me, and other residents who live in another unit are complaining about the dreadful smell. I have been sick so I haven't smelled anything. I know how funny this sounds, but I really need to do something. What is the best way to go about this?
I can deal with tenants who are violent. I can deal with tenants who don't pay. I can deal with tenants who are breaching contract agreements. I can kick them out. I can't kick them out for smelling bad. My property manager walked in the house and gagged. They are an older couple. Take a shower? Cash for Keys? Call pest control? Air fresheners? I am lost. Lol

As someone who has spent a LOT of time walking through low income apartments (many years ago) I know the exact smell you are referring to. With that said, I am not sure what can be done to combat the stink, if the tenants do not take care of their hygiene. Hopefully someone with come along with some contract advice on what to add to try and be proactive about it, but man I do NOT miss that smell one bit.

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