I have a huge dilemma. I am trying to buy my home close by april3

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My husband was not great at keeping ahead on the bills .So the house we are in we have a contract to close on before April 30 th or we lose 27,000.00 down and our home and will have to move my husband has a 6 figure income but I have been trying to repair our credit.its now  at 650 and hoping by April1st  first it would go to 700 then we are safe.But I took out an unsecured loan to pay an Irs tax lien and it was better than all the penalties an interest from the IRS. But we were eligible for more so they wire it right to your bank and it does not record on your credit ( it's for doctors) but three kids thru college and his 14 years of college an loans money has been tight.we don't drive fancy cars or blow money.I

SO WE thought since it doesn't show on your credit and it went into my account today and I already pulled my bank statement 2 month up till before it got deposited.Could I have someone write .e a check as a gift give it back after closiing so nervous.or any other ideas we are desperate.

Is the issue that you can’t get approved because of your credit score & the unsecured LOC on your report? Or you don’t have the money to close? If the later, how short are you?

Just trying to make it clearer to anyone else that comes along and may have ideas.

no the unsecured loan is not hurting me but if I could use it I d have 10 percent  . I have 27,000.00 which is 5 percent being held by own,er which I  lose if I don't close by  A pril 30 ..if not I lose 27 ,000.00 and my home I'm in renting and will have to move my family in 30 days any ideas scarred .so 've been working with a credit recovery but in 6 months so far haven't reached 700 score I need.

Have you tried a hard money lender? It's not cheap but better than losing $27k

You gave them $27,000 to hold the property without a clear path to purchasing the property? I can definitely see why you guys are struggling financially even though you make over 6 figures. 

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