Utility Bulk Property Discount

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I’m a real estate investor from Toronto (mainly buy and hold, short term rental) for 5 properties. I am buying utilities from the same companies (Teksavvy for internet, Union gas, alectra for hydro) I am curious if there are any utility service providers that offer discounts with the more properties that are added to the account? I feel like I’m missing an opportunity here and want to make sure I’m optimizing my cash flow

Hi Evan,

I currently use Bell for internet and have an amazing plans for $25 I get 500mb up and down speeds, with unlimited bandwidth. I've created a great relationship with them for this, but to your direct question of hydro and gas nothing has seemed to stick. 

To me it seems walking in with purchasing power will allow the smaller guys to be able to negotiate a lot more. If you find any company who may be willing to do such a deal, I'll be willing to go in with you and bring my properties on to the deal to sweeten ti for them!