Creative Ways to Find Deals

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What are some creative ways you use to find deals? Direct mail, door knocking, various listings are common - a guest on the BP podcast talked about asking his contractor / roofer / plumber to pass his info along to anyone who can’t afford a necessary repair to their house. Anybody have similarly creative strategies they’re willing to share?

Hey Nathan, 

There are a lot of creative ways to find deals but finding a GOOD deal on your own especially if you're new to the investment world can be a challenge at times. I would personally recommend to reach out to  professional investment companies that find good deals for you. Make sure they have all the financial information, tenant information, property information (photos, condition, etc) for you before making any decision. 

I personally work for a group of out of state Investors who have a professional and easy process in finding good deals for other Investors. Feel free to reach out to me, I will be glad to you help you. 

Good luck! 

You could try driving for dollars. However, door knocking, direct mail, RVM, text messages, Cold calling, facebook and google ads etc. are all tried, tested and good methods to get deals. 

If you can pull off a marketing campaign using most or all of these tools, you will get the best results. I believe the best way to get a deal is to lead with a direct mail campaign and use all the other channels as follow up to each batch of mail.

My direct mail campaign would look like this: 

Week 1: Send out your mail to your list

Week 1: (Optional) Start targeting your prospects with online ads

Week 2: Call up all your prospects to follow up the mail

Week 3: Send text messages to all the prospects

Week 4: Leave voicemails (whenever possible)

Week 5: Send out second batch of direct mail

Following a schedule like this should yield quick results.

Hope this helps. 

Good Luck @Nathan Koons !