Need to convince sellers daughter to help close the deal

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I am trying to convince a seller to sell her property to me but I'm running into multiple issues. The main issue is that the daughter holds poa and even though she wants to sell she seems hesitant because she will have to move all of her mothers stuff out and try to help her find a new property. The property was recently appraised and I'm prepared to offer full price for the property as well as let the mother live in the property for 4 months rent free. (Obviously I'm very motivated to get this property). My question is, would it be possible/ legal to cut the daughter a check for $1,500 outside of escrow to help pay for moving costs? I want to pay the daughter directly to ensure she revives the cash and can have some relief about the moving process. I'm also open to any creative ideas to help convince the daughter to sell.

Thank you for your help.

4 months rent free sounds like a good deal for the seller. If the $1500 is to be used for moving costs, could it not just be used from the proceeds of the sale? 

Or if you're worried about the money not being used for the move, you could hold $1500 in escrow until the seller moves out. 

Hopefully someone from CA can chime in about the legality of giving the POA money outside of closing.

@Thomas Beard - are you using financing? If not, then it doesn't matter what you do outside of escrow. I agree with Nick in regards to the $1500. It's held in escrow and released AFTER the move. 

Thanks for the quick response guys. I'm going to make full price offer with the free rent regardless. I was hoping to have the 1,500 in my back pocket just in case. I just think the daughter is lazy and would rather have her mother stay were she and pay the reverse mortgage rather than help her move. I'm just trying to think of ways to incentivize and make the process easier for the daughter. I like the idea of holding the 1,500 in escrow until they move out. Thanks for your help