Backyard income ideas?

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Hello, I have a huge backyard that has 1 shed. I am in North Bergen NJ. Does anyone have ideas on how to rent this space out to someone for a lot, place to house their shed? Anything?? I’m new so I really have no knowledge and I am researching online however nothing.... thank you in advance!


@Katherine Vasseghi , you can rent the shed on Craigslist and Facebook Market.  You can also rent parking space for other peoples boats and RV's.   In a few jurisdictions you can rent space for people to live in their RV up to several months at a time.   Might also put in an add that your back yard, shed, and (metered) Water  is available for others to garden on your property.   Best wishes.  

Basic answer is just post what you want to do on both Craigslist and Facebook Market.  You'll be surprised what can be done and your adds are free.

You can get the neighbor app which is a self-storage app where people pay you to store their things.  It sounds like your shed is locked up.  $100-$150 a month maybe.