The Market is hot, but should we still House Hack In DFW?

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What's up Bigger Pockets!! My girlfriend and I moved out of state for my job, but we are planning to move back in the DFW area next summer. We refuse to rent, and I would love to try the house hack method on a triplex or 4-plex using an FHA loan.

My question is what are the best areas for multi family house hacks in DFW, and are we doing this at a time where the market is too hot? I’d love to do a highland park, Arlington, Fort Worth, or Frisco deal. Maybe even Westlake? All my studying has pointed to: deals are out there, you just have to find them, and stick to your numbers.

Thanks for your time and any advice!

@Zachary Shuffield

Arlington is a great area for multi family hacking. Prices are still relatively low comparatively, but rents are high. Anywhere near Uta, the stadium or six flags are going to be a safe bet. When are you planning to buy?

I live in Plano now but invest in Louisiana where I'm from (Shreveport/Monroe).  Market is weird here - my advice is to take some time to get to know the areas and where it's growing.  I can't even afford to live near where I work so I rent.  I could buy a single family and rent to roommates but I've outgrown that stage in my life :)  I'm thinking of investing in the Terrell area but not as a house hack.  Commute would kill me. Good luck!