Best way to invest 300,000.00 cash in real estate

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I have 300,000.00 cash I want to invest into rentals. I feel like I can get a much better return on my cash in real estate verses the stock market. If you had this much cash what would your strategy be to maximize your return. I am 58 and want to retire from my regular job. I would like to generate about 6000.00 to 8000.00 a month in positive cash flow.

First get educated ...there is a huge difference in the results you can get with rental portfolios if you know how to buy supper cheap and get the repairs done affordable and on time. Once you have a good understanding of how to find, analyze and repair like a pro 300k is enough to build an empire. I started 10 years ago with a partner who had 300k and we were able to build a crazy profitable flip and rental business. My point is if you really take time to master the systems and processes that top flippers and landlord use 300k can be deployed to make as much money as you want each month. If you would like to talk sometime about business send me a message. Good luck with your journey.

Don't do anything until you are well educated and have a clear goal and strategy.  You are approaching "retirement" and your risk tolerance might be a lot lower than someone 20+ years from "retirement."