Building an empire using BRRRR?

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Wanna build a multi unit property profilio leveraging myself using hard money then refinance . I’m licensed contractor 3 states and have crew and skill set to handle the task. I know how risky the strategy is as if the mark tanks or someone get a lot of vancanirs I’d have a huge problem. Just looking for insight from seasoned investors as to where this strategy is sound is I can flip in 10 week max. Currently I’m flipping home (rehab only) in 7-8 weeks. Any thoughts would be appreciated

@Clayton Howard

Sounds like you have a successful niche. Bigger projects take on significantly more risk because they take longer to lease and longer to bring to a positive cash flow.

Big money in real estate investing is not made by fixing up run down structures,; it’s made by repositioning property for different use - or guessing right on future neighborhood price changes.