House 1= primary residence

remaining mortgage around 270k

House value =700000

Monthly mortgage:2000

House 2= investment property

Sitting vacant from last 2 yrs.

Buying price:450,000

Remaining mortgage :330,000

Monthly payment of mortgage:2100

Just fixed and ready to sell

Home value=600,000

Currently have around 100k Cash in Hand.

A flip credit line of 500k is open and in [email protected]%.

Considering Applying Heloc on primary house

For around 200k.(if applied will get, 750 credit score)

Thinking to buy multifamily in Newyork city.

For Gurus:How to play the Game keep in mind if applied for tradational mortgage, bank said you don't earn enough to have mortgage. So kinda must be more than one unit which can sustain itself.

Any geneius thoughts?