How to buy property’s tied up in probate? Elites and gurus**

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Hi guys I’m new to bigger pockets but there are many questions that tend to lead to dead ends reasons frustration discouragement to much work. I believe those are the things that go through many potential buyers minds. In any situations with this kind of competition it only leaves room for opportunity for people who are willing to go through to the end. The number one question is how do you get to the end. I’m hoping all the elites investors and gurus can chime in on this subject and hopefully will lead to a solid tutorial on how to buy property tied up in probate with multiple heirs nursing home debt back taxes some of the most discouraging hurdles in this avenue of real estate. I know that there is tremendous gains if you can understand how this works.

Look Forward to seeing what comes of this post because I myself don’t have the answers but am willing to learn and do the leg work. 


Ian Decosta