Northeast Oklahoma Small multi family deals?

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Hey all I’m wondering if you guys have any strategic ways to find small multi family deals?

Duplex, triplex, quadplex.

I had just spent months negotiating with a owner and we came to an agreement on a sale price. He then took to long on the contract and accepted another offer after me even though the property was off market.

I’ve been looking for another one ever since. I literally can’t find any duplex, triplex, or quadplex’s in a long distance from my area. I’m only searching the mls and talking to wholesalers. So do any of you have special ways to find off market multi family deals as the market seems to have none for me right now.

@Taylor Holden if you aren't already, I would get in touch with @Deren Huang and get on his email of Oklahoma multifamily listings. Additionally for off-market, outside of talking to wholesalers you might try identifying specific neighborhoods in the city(s) you're looking at, then using things like the Tulsa County Assessors website to look up the properties. This will give you the owner and the owner's main address. You can then send do a targeted letter/postcard campaign to these property owners to see if they're interested in selling. Good luck!

You might reach out to the property manager's in Tulsa to see if they have anyone that is looking to get rid of some of their multifamily properties. The multifamily space is super hot right now, so it's hard to find properties where the numbers will make sense as an investor. 

@Tracy Streich , do you still have a duplex for sale?