Send letter to out of st. owner who is in commercial real estate?

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I live in a resort town with many out of state owners.  Occasionally I drive by a property and, because it looks like it has some deferred maintenance, I'll consider selling the owner a letter expressing interest to purchase.  Given it's small town, I typically do preliminary online search-  Sometimes I find that the owner is actually in real estate, but in a different state where they live, and also potentially not specifically in residential real estate.

Is it worth sending a note to these types of owners or better to avoid?

  Letters are inexpensive and always get the phone to ring. Not easy to pull in deals but after a few dozen calls you will get the hang of it. Yes, send the letter for around a dollar or two you can't go wrong. Evan if you don't buy it for the few bucks it is a cheap lesson..

@Robert F strain , Thanks for your reply.  Part of my thought/concern is that sending a letter to someone who's in the real estate field won't elicit a good opportunity because, presumably, they know the market.  Also, usually part of the selling points to my letters is that it allows a seller to avoid commission, which also wouldn't apply if I'm sending a letter to someone who's licensed.  

Do you still think it's worth it to send?