Negotiations to buy property

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I have a great property I’m signing the contract for today. It’s a newer townhouse straight forward flip. 

Is there anything specific in terms of contingencies that need to be added just in case not a good property or can’t get lending, whats the standard time line? 20 days? 

What should I look out for in terms of doing a hard money loan? How do I find a private investor?

Be nice to have someone I can talk about doing this process myself.

Urgency is key!


@Wendy Martin , I'm a little confused... You're signing a contract for a property, but you're asking about HML's and private investors. I assume you're talking about the property your signing the contract for today, in regards (maybe) to rehab? Also, I would write in a financing, inspection, and potentially appraisal (property dependent) contingencies to say the least. I would say 30 days for financing and 7-14 days for inspection. And when you''re looking for private money, I would suggest you start with family and friends. Also, you may want to check out "The Book on Negotiating Real Estate," or "Never Split the Difference." Both books are great reads, but maybe start with  J Scott's book. I hope this helps, and good luck!