How will you invest $100,000 in real estate ?

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@ABHAY N DIVRANIYA. I noticed you asked a similar question a few months back on the forum.  Sounds like you are still trying to get the fundamentals aligned for what you might want to do next.  In my opinion, if you are still asking what strategy to use, you still have more reading and more studying of the different types of strategies involved with real estate investing.  

You need to figure out what is your end goal and then work backwards to what the best strategy is to achieve that goal.  You are young and have a lot of time on your side, so it's really great that you are ready to dive in now as the more time just leads to more accumulated wealth once you get your strategy in place.  

$100k means many different things if you are in California versus the Southwest or Mid-west, so don't worry about the dollar figure, it's really more about the strategy that you would be interested in and passionate about.  I don't have the answer for you but I will say, most new investors start by 'house hacking'. Read up on that topic and see if it's a good fit, if not, then figure out what you don't like about that strategy and see what makes sense from there. 

Best of luck to you!