4th Quarter Numbers for Arkansas

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Central Arkansas home prices finished 2018 up 2.46% for the 4th quarter. With two positive quarters and two negative quarters, Central Arkansas had only a modest increase of 1.87% in 2018. Northwest Arkansas was up 1.8% for the 4th quarter but posted four positive quarters last year so showed 7.2% growth in 2018.

The central AR market is more of a linear market. most of the growth in AR is north West. Unless you are after growth I don't see any issues with buying a property with value add opportunity, in steady market that is cash flowing

Conway market had insane numbers last year, but seems to be slowing a bit.  Regardless, I think this state is one of the best places to invest as you can get some great deals for the prices here.

I think it's interesting that the growth in Central AR was less than was inflation last year (2.44%). That being said, I wonder if anyone is tracking the average rent? That actually may tell us more for our purposes. I would be more concerned if rent was not keeping pace with inflation than property values...

Great point Rachel!  May have to do some digging and see what I can come up with.  I do believe Central Arkansas is a great place to invest, you just have to find the right properties/areas.  However, that statement is true pretty much anywhere...

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