Seeing if an area is worth wholesaling in Fayetteville NC....

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I am originally from Fay. NC so I am very familiar with the area and where to find great deals! I haven't ventured out to getting contracts there yet because I don't know if it is an area that investors would be interested in buying.. Fort Bragg is within the same town so there's ALWAYS money and people moving there... What are some ways to find out if there are investors in that area? I have found a lot of wholesalers claiming to be buyers but have not found actual investors.. I feel I'm looking in the wrong places..

Hi Hannah, 

I am also originally from the Fayetteville, NC area and visit there quite often (at least 1-3x a month). I also have noticed TONS of houses that are For Sale/ Foreclosures and I've shared similar thoughts of jumping into this market, but not sure if there are buyers. I know that it has potential because the soldiers are always in and out the area. Personally, I think linking with an agent and renting these houses out would fit the needs for most temporary residents. Just a thought...

I buy in Fayetteville. Lots of deals around both on and off MLS. there is a REIA group you can join as well.

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