I'm Traveling to Fayetteville NC, anyone want to meet up?

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Hey BP,

Matt Faircloth here.  (Podcast 88 and 203, also a regular author and video producer on the blogs https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/author/ma...)

I am headed to Fayetteville this week to look at some real estate deals and thought it would be fun to meet up with some other active real estate investors in the area.  We have a few deals lined up already in the multi family arena and are looking for more deals, and potentially some partners or strategic alliances.  

I will be at the Ramada Plaza located at 1707-A Owen Drive, Fayetteville NC 28304 on Thursday, July 27th.  Let's meet in the bar area at 6 PM, please respond to this discussion or PM me if you can make it.  I hope to see you there!

Matt Faircloth

@Matt Faircloth Unfortunately, I won't be in the state during that time. Just wanted to say that its great that you are trying to put something together. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to cultivate some quality relationships on the local level, wish I could attend.

@Matt Faircloth - There is an investor meet up on Wednesday night.  https://www.meetup.com/Fayetteville-Real-Estate-Investors-Meetup/   It is at a hotel near the mall.  I plan on attending.  

Thanks @Cindy Veit !  @Matt Faircloth , you are absolutely welcome attend the free MeetUp we have Wednesday night at the Hampton Inn on Skibo Rd. in Fayetteville.  Starts at 6:30 pm.  We have lots of networking opportunities, no gurus, no sales pitches, all skill levels, and chances to meet other local investors. I hope you have the chance to be there. 

Hi @Rebecca Addison and @Cindy Veit !  I also communicated with @Adam Schneider  who told me about your event.  Unfortunately, I am coming to town a day late, my flight lands on Thursday morning.  I think we will be doing more business in that area so I'll be sure to coordinate my next trip so I can stop into your meeting next time I'm in town.

I know it's the very next day but if anyone is around on Thursday night I will be at the Ramada Inn (1707-A Owen Drive, Fayetteville NC 28304) at the bar at 6 PM.  I would love to meet up with who can make it and talk some shop about the local market.

Take care,


Unfortunately, I came across your post just a few days to late. Did you post it on meetup. I've found that o be the best way to get anything of this nature to happen. That's how I found out about the meeting on Wednesday that I attended. 

Good idea.  I'll do that next time.  I will be headed back down in about 2 weeks and will post to this thread and will also put a note on Meetup.com per your suggestion.  


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