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New investor looking to get connected with other local investors
Hey guys, My name is Madhav, I'm a Data Scientist in LA. I've been in LA a few years and want to get into the local real estate market. I know this seems like a "New Member Intro" post but my aim is to build... View more
Any property management recommendations in LAX-Westchester area?
My preference is to find a property management company that have their own maintenance people on staff and specializes in a smaller area around LAX. But if you know of any awesome property management company that... View more
I need of Probate Attorney in Los Angeles
I skipped traced some return direct mail. From that I contacted a woman who informed me that the owner of the property I was interested in had passed away and was her ex husband. They split before he acquired property... View more
Cash Out Re-Fi for an Investment Property
Hi Everyone - Just have a quick question.  I’m looking at cash out refinancing my current home as an option of partially funding the down payment I need for another investment property I’m looking to purchase.The... View more
Househacking a Condo
Hey all,First post on Bigger Pockets, stoked to be here!I'm starting my real estate investment journey by househacking a condo I'm already living in here in North Hollywood. The HOA does allow me to take on tenants, so... View more
Multifamily LA Architect Recommendation
Recently got a quote from an architect to design a 8-unit apartment complex for $45K. This will include architectural work only and excludes the design cost fo structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical.... View more
southern California investing
Hi, I am a small investor looking for some insights and opinions on following two questions 1. what are your reasons for investing in southern california or california in general given very minimal cashflow, rent... View more
Lower YOUR Property Management Fees
I posted this in the Chicago area as well, but I'm looking for like minded people that are interested in a cheaper property management alternative. I own property in Chicago, LA and NYC and I'm working on a platform... View more
2020 ADU Laws - The end of Single Family Zoning
Hey BPers,Some MASSIVE ADU changes came into effect on January 1st, 2020 in regards to ADUs. You can now add a Junior ADU (JADU) in addition to an ADU which means you can legally convert a single family home into a... View more
Agents with Section 8 experience?
Hi all,I'm considering buying a triplex with long-term Section 8 tenants, and I need a buyers' agent who's transacted on buildings with Section 8 units. Any recommendation?Thanks so much!Jonathan
Recs for Property Management (Condo/HOA)
Hi folks, was wondering if anyone had any current 2020 referrals for a property management company that serves Condo HOAs. We've had very poor experience with LBPM, which a bit of googling shows is not unusual... View more
Termination of purchase contract
Hi, does anyone have experience with property in Ohio? I put an offer down on a property and the seller accepted. We decided not to go ahead with it, can we terminate our purchase agreement? We are still within our 3... View more
General Contractors in LA
Greetings,I am a new member in the Los Angeles area and looking for some great referrals for a General Contractor and also a Title Company.  I am trying to build a list of go-to folks.  If you have someone in Los... View more
Los Angeles Licensed Contractor abandoned my project....
Hi Biggerpockets Team, I hate writing, hearing or reading about anything like this subject but my Licensed contractor abandoned my project. This guy was a referral from a co worker (her husband) and my due diligence... View more
Apartment/House for Rent Near Cal State Northridge
Hi BP! My little sister got accepted to the psychology department at Cal State University Northridge (or as I've learned, the cool kids call it CSUN). I'm helping her and her friend that she'll be living with find a 2... View more
Cost for General home inspection in Los Angeles.
Hello All.  As the subject states, I am looking to get the average cost for a certified, general home inspection here in LA, and by all means, I would accept any referrals.  It is a 1921, 1250 sq. ft craftsmen + 350... View more
Using FHA to buy a home and build ADU // need advice
Hello everybody,My name is Michelle and this is my first time posting on Bigger Pockets forums. I'm hoping to tap into the wealth of information provided by you fine folks.A little bit of background on me: My husband... View more
Avoid tenant relocation during seismic retrofit
Hi,I own an 8-unit building in Los Angeles, that's on the city's list for a mandatory seismic retrofit. We just handed out the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) notices today, and one of the tenants wants to apply for... View more
Should I separate utilities or not with ADU unit in Santa Monica
HI Biggerpocket Team!I am about to break ground on the remodel of my home and am building an ADU over my garage for the same property.My question is....is it worth spending the money to separate the utilities or just... View more
Self Directed IRAs - Real Estate
We used our self-directed IRA to invest in a couple of properties as hard money lenders. The company we invested in filed for bankruptcy, liquidated their assets and no money was left to return to 90% of the... View more
Converting 2nd floor rec room to ADU
Currently have a rec room with COE on the second floor of our detached garage. There is a power line that is very close to the detached building. I've read about ADUs being denied permits due to LADWP easement rules.... View more
How to get back my money from a fraud guy - Joshua Jackson
Hi BP, I'm not the first person who has some serious problems with the same interior designer guy. His name is Joshua Jackson, he owns very small business - Joshua Jackson design in Los Angeles, I found him on Yelp. I... View more
Looking for RE attorney specializing in construction defects
Hi there BP friends! We've been working on a 18+ unit project w/ massive delays and issues w/ the GC company. We want to connect w/ a RE attorney who specializes in construction defects and delays in the state of CA.... View more