LA County Contractor Recommendations

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Looking for a quality contractor based out of LA County for a flip in West LA. Any recommendations are appreciated! 

Thanks everyone!

Feel free to send me some info. We do alot of properties and have vetted the good GC's in LA. Atleast for us.

Bump. Looking for a recommendation, I need a contractor this Thursday in Los Angeles. Please send me any recommendations. Thanks in advance


@Nabil Suleiman @Anthony Nguyen

Can you send me the contacts as well? Thanks! I'm looking to upgrade flooring, countertops, skim coat popcorn ceiling, cabinets and paint in an apartment complex in West LA.


Hey everyone, sorry just realized this post has been going. Feel free to message me directly and we can go from there.

Hello everyone! if you are looking for reliable and reasonable an electrician and plumber with more than 25 yrs of experience, please let me know.

Thank you.

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