Water Lien, Water Shut off list in LA/OC county Need Advice.

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Good Afternoon, 

Im preparing a direct mail campaign to target properties that have gotten there water shut off, or have water Liens on there properties due to unpaid water bills. Ive tried calling city clerks, public works and they keep giving me the run around. 

My questions is have any of you had success in getting this list? If so how did you do it? and what branch in the city or county did you have to go through.

All advice is much appreciated.

Thank you all.

Christian Avila 

Hi Christian I have called 5 water companies in California and they all have said privacy laws prevent them from giving me the list.

Is this true?

Any ideas how to get the water shutoff lists in california?



i have been trying and to get this list for a while now and no luck just yet. 

But a few days ago i did hear about someone that was able to get it. The way they did it was by asking the city/ water company provider for all properties with no activity with the water meters they have. (no water going to the property). It was just another way to ask since homes are public info, and water meters in more of the cities and water provider info.

Ive been busy pulling other lists and haven't applied it, try it. Let me know how it goes Brad.

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