Good House Hack Location in Los Angeles close to Pasadena

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Hi, I just took a contract job in Pasadena and I'm not liking the rental options. I hate to sign up for a contract with a company to pay rent (Plus I can't be sure of this contract lasting). I'd rather find a 2 bedroom place to move in and VRBO the other room or rent it. As for commute times, I'm looking anything North East of the 101 for the most part to avoid long commute. 

I did a search on <450k 2 bed/2 bath and it seems like there are plenty. I'm thinking a condo/townhome/SFH that fits that criteria but would create high returns on a VRBO of the other room would make the most financial sense to me.


You'll probably want something as close to the Rosebowl as possible if Pasadena is your target.  The problem with that range is that you're looking at the less desirable parts of Pasadena.

@Leland Smith

You can find some options in that price range. The first one that comes to mind is 125 n Allen ave. You can rent to students or professionals. It’s close to the on ramp and gold line access. 

There are a few options outside of Pasadena also. Feel free to reach out if you want to look at options 

@Leland Smith yes there are definitely a few options in this price range in the Pasadena are and as @Nabil Suleiman mentioned 125 n allen Ave is a potential option.

You have options which is the great part!

Check out Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Montecito Heights, Boyle Heights, Frog Town, Lincoln Park area, Eagle Rock, Highland Park. 

There are a lot of up and coming pockets in these areas. I invest pretty heavily in Silver Lake - the entire east side is growing. 

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