San Fernando Valley - ADU Master Thread

2 Replies

I wanted to make an ADU thread specific to the San Fernando Valley. These ADU rules/regulations can vary wildly from LA proper to the SFV.

Here are some topics I'm interested in : 

1) Are two unit unit ADUs allowed? I've seen some two story ADUs in LA proper although I haven't seen any info whatsoever on 2+ unit ADUS.

2) Does the LADWP powerline buffer zone include only the big wooden pole powerlines or do they also include the power wires that can protrude from the lines and into a SFH, for instance if there's an alley between the powerline and the SFH there will often been an auxiliary wire coming out of the powerline over and across the alley and into the SFH.

3) Would anyone be interested in an ADU meet up in the Valley? I was thinking of getting some architecture firms, GCs etc.. to attend and give talks/presentations etc..

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