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Hello all,

I'll be relocating to the San Diego area this month, and will be looking for a multi-family home to live in / rent out. In the hopes of having the all necessary pieces in place, I'm wondering if anyone here has recommendations for good home inspectors. Preferably someone you've worked with before. If location makes a difference, I'll likely be looking in the surrounding neighborhoods to the north and east of Balboa Park.

Thank you!

@David Antunes

My entire team uses the same group of guys for every transaction when we represent on the buy side. Scott & Steve from 3B Property Inspections. They are the best. Hands down. 2 incredibly passionate individuals. They love what they do, their reports are super thorough, and you can call them at a moments notice to ask any questions. 

Very helpful and caring. 

DM and I'll shoot over their contact info. 

HI you might want to check or InterNachi also ASHI for qualified and certified inspectors,  this are the biggest Home inspector association in the nation.

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I recommend Daniel from Nation Wide Inspections.  A courteous professional with tons of knowledge/experience.  Contact him at (213) 700-1426

I recommend Jason from Nation Wide Inspections.  I consider him a permanent member of our team.   On a single purchase, we negotiated a $47k discount based on the inspection.  

He did an inspection for me last week producing his typical very thorough report.   

He is not the cheapest, but he is worth the cost.

If you want a less costly option, Greg Stevens was the least expensive option a few years ago and I suspect still is near the least expensive option.  

Good luck 

The Inspectors Company is who I use for my investments as well as who I recommend to my clients, they do a great job! I also have some good plumbers who can video scope the lines for you as part of the inspection (definitely a must in San Diego). I sent you a DM with the details!