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Looking for any recommendations for a CPA specializing in real estate, I currently own a duplex in San Diego.


Following as I am also in need of a CPA.

@Mia Edgar and @Sarah D. You could always join your local REIA or LinkedIn group. However, you might not want to limit your search to your local area. You can find CPA's on BP who work with clients all over the country. We do so by utilizing all possible forms of technology (Email, Skype, secure document sharing, cloud based software, etc). If you are comfortable with a digital relationship, then the pool of qualified CPA's really opens up and you stand a better chance of finding someone who fits your style.

That being said, I would still make sure that the CPA is personable and a good communicator because you want to make sure that you are setting yourself up for success with a CPA that you can have a long term relationship with. Good luck in your search.        

Thanks  @danielhyman I would actually prefer a 'digital' CPA that answers questions and is readily available. What do you think is a good rate for one duplex?? I just prefer that they specialize in CA and real estate.



@Mia Edgar @Sarah D. California CPA here specializing in real estate who personally invests in both single family and multifamily. Free 15-minute initial consultation.

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