San Diego Real Estate Investor Happy Hour in July?

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Hi All!

After the success of the last San Diego Social hosted by @Olena McCormick we have decided to continue with the tradition!

We have moved to Stone Brewing Tap Room in San Diego which will have more parking and easier to hear one another.

Olena and I will arrive 30 minutes early to snag a spot as there is a lot of open seating and we will have name tags out with a BiggerPockets sign. If you are having trouble, feel free to reach out to locate us. My info in on the event page.

If you did not attend last event, this event is not sponsored by anyone, and there will be no presentations. Simply come to meet and greet other real estate investors and real estate professionals from San Diego. Everyone is welcome. 

We hope to see everyone soon!

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I loved the first one and look forward to seeing everyone again.  Let us know what date and time.


Glad to hear the first one went well!  Looking forward to the next one.   Will this be a monthly event moving forward?

I see two dates listed on the Events page in San Diego.  Is this the 7/28 or 8/10 event?  @Travis Rasmussen @Olena M.