San Jose city biz tax for landlord

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We got mail that San Jose city will collect biz tax for landlord who own even just one property. The deadline is end of June. We didn’t register biz entity. Just a married couple. What would be best to choose from? Sole proprietorship or partnership?

How is the property held?  City does not care what the title says so long they have received your tax payment. If delinquent they put a lien on your property. 

Sam Shueh 

@Lucy Chang

In addition to filing a federal + state tax return - some cities/counties have their own filing requirement.

It appears that San Jose considers you to be doing business within their boundaries.

Below is a link to their website with instructions

You can hire someone to do the proper filings for you or you can look at the instructions and do them yourself.

You should look at the instructions on whether to put yourself as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. It may depend on how you held the property.