Best Places in US & World to Spend RE Profit? Show me your City?

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BP Community,
I’m quitting my job to travel the US and World thanks to Real Estate, and am asking for your help to make it extra awesome! I’ve helped a lot of investors on the forums, locally, host a meetup in San Francisco, and put a lot of effort into connecting the BP Community by organizing and hosting the SF Real Estate Networking Summit last year (and been helped myself by many more great BP members!). I have thousands of posts and votes on BP. And now I need your help!

1) Best place to visit in US and the World?! And why!?

2) Want to show me your City, and have a place to crash? (RE stories included!)

I’m reaching out to the BP Community for great places to visit and awesome folks to stay with! Do you have a guest room, trailer, couch, yurt, mansion, or hammock that you’d like to lend out to a fellow member of the BP Community? Free or low-cost options are preferred, unless you have something awesome! Maybe my local friends have a friend or family member they wouldn't mind shouting out to..?

I can offer some great conversation, a good joke, real estate chat/advice, and I’ll cook you (and your household) a great dinner! If you enjoy showing people around, even better! I love to get a local’s perspective. Goodwill is great! But I have some money to spend also if you have a small place that is a good value where I’ll be traveling. (I prefer to spend my cash on fun stuff since I’m flexible on lodging situations..)

Here’s a list of cities I plan to visit in US:
Austin, Houston, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, and.. ???

Am I missing other great cities of the US? (that I haven’t been to yet..?)
Got a place nearby I can crash for a bit? (1-3 nights?)

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, India, Nepal, Mexico, some South America..?

Updated about 6 years ago

..and happy to put you up too at my place if you're here while I'm in the Bay ;)

Aaah so a year from now we should expect to see a BP thread on how you've traveled the US and overseas for next to nothing via house hacking & frequent flyer miles... :-)



San Antonio Texas. It's an hour away from Austin so it's only a minor detour, and the riverwalk, Alamo, and historic downtown are well worth the trip. I'd say it's the best place in Texas from a touristy standpoint. :)

Originally posted by @J. Martin :

Here’s a list of cities I plan to visit in US:
Austin, Houston, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, and.. ???

We have a spare bed with your name on it... but come when it is warmer.  I would suggest if you are going to Austin to check out San Antonio, we really liked it there and they are so close.  

If you like BBQ, go to Franklin's in Austin...its about a 3 hr wait, at least. But sounds like you have the time now ;)

I'd be more than willing to give you a room to stay in for free in Austin. If yo don't mind a couple dogs and roommates. Have fun and let me know if you need anything here.

Hi J.M.,

My wife and I took all of last year off to travel the world.  It was the best decision I ever made and was the best year of my life!  We live in Austin and you are welcome to stay with us if you need a place to stay.  While traveling last year we spent a significant amount of time in Cambodia, Thailand, India and Nepal.  I'm happy to share information on those places if you need it.  



NYC can be a good time depending what you are looking for as is Philly and its not far from NYC. Miami was also missing. Phoenix and the surrounding area is also very nice and is close to you.

There are also areas you can drive down to in Mexico from Phoenix that we used to do when I was younger.

Internationally Brazil is great to go to around Carnival. If you have not done Machu Pichu that is a trip worth taking. 

The Greek Islands are also great and I assume its cheaper now. 

Love to meet up in Thailand.  I live in Bangkok, and I'd offer to let you crash...but I have 4 kids.  No one wants that.  

Hit me up on  a PM and I'll be glad to discuss your Thailand plans. I've only been here a year and a half, but I've seen most of the country.  


Wife and I traveled for a year. I have a lot of thoughts but I really liked Ireland and Japan. They are two magical islands where the cultures have been pressure cooked. An awesome picture of east vs west. If you are looking for less expensive options, I like Czech Republic and Thailand. 

From your list... I would skip India and Mexico. 

Haha Lima is a must cause the great Ben Leybovich is there, and it's on your way to Detroit...not sure how that's a good thing :)

Call ahead cause I also have a lot of outings planned this year.


Seoul, S Korea!

Great, active meetup.

Awesome technologically advanced city. 

Great places to eat. Growing foreign entrepreneurial community. 

I don't have room for you at my place, unfortunately.... But if you can find a place on Airbnb, I'm sure you'll have a great time (& meet some awesome people)!

Originally posted by @J. Martin :

BP Community,

1) Best place to visit in US and the World?! And why!?

  • New York City- Why?  It's New York City
  • Paris- Take a train to the Margaux Region & have the best wines in the world
  • London- Best Restaurants in the world (None of the restaurants are British Restaurants;  Best Martini in the World from Duke Hotel;  The original James Bond Shaken not Stirred)
  • Singapore- Smartest People in the World
  • Any major city in Australia- Funniest & most adventurous & most well travelled folks in the world.  
  • New Zealand- See an All Blacks Game.  Can't miss the beginning of the game to see the ritual dance
  • Scotland- Play a round of golf on the Old Course.  Visit during one of the festival times.
  • Seoul Korea- A hidden gem city that never sleeps.  Travel to the border.  Look North & it's dark;  Look South & you see lights from South Korea
  • Dubai- Just because.  It's the Middle East version of Las Vegas.  What goes on in Dubai stays in Dubai
  • China- See the Great Wall
  • Egypt- See the pyramids
  • New Delhi- See what it feels like to be in a country/city that's living in 3 centuries simultaneously
  • Alaska- Visit Sarah Palin's city so you can see Russia from your window
  • St. Petersburg Russia- Wonderful architecture.  Maybe meet Putin & ask him if we're going back to the cold war era
  • Chicago- Best Steaks in the world (We'll host you).  Come towards the end of the football season.  Football tickets will be free by then
  • New Orleans- Make sure the trip in near Mardi Gras time & buy a ticket to be on a float.
  • Tokyo- Another city that doesn't sleep;  Figure out how many bows is culturally correct when you meet someone for the 1st time or a conversation is over

That's enough for now.  Congratulations & have fun

I would throw in Argentina and Chile.    Eat steak and potatoes in Argentina and Seafood (I recommend the razor clams if you can find them) in Chile.  Besides your money will go a LONG way these days.  And one side tip, travel on a motorcycle.  People will come up to talk to you and really want to help you.  Here you can use this

(yes full disclosure it is mine)

New Zealand is also Amazing - Snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

Have a great trip

I have done my share of traveling and learned its more important to answer the questions of Who Am I? and What do I find most fascinating

for instance Im a nerd so I loved visiting NASA with my son, I LOVE hawaii cuz of the weather, San Antonio is great for its relaxed and rich history, austin is just weird but worth it. ETC. if you want to private message me id be happy to share my experiences with you

Philippines but skip Manila (too crowded and polluted) - go to Palawan island. It's not that "touristy" and their local government protected the environment so you get pristine, clean beaches. I suggest you go there around February. It's not too hot and humid and it's not typhoon season either from January to March.

Philippines: +1 vote for this. Friendly (super) people. Lovely nature. And cheap!!! Cebu and Boracay are some of my fav spots.

Singapore: Cleanest city in the world, period. Great nightlife, top 3 public transportation systems (ease of use and accessibility).

Hawaii: Live on Oahu so a bit biased. Everything is expensive here so I am forced to spend my cash here :D. Lowest distance radius of hiking, surfing, beaches, nightlife that i know. Can get anywhere in 30 mins or less.

Japan: I would say most respectful, and "evolved" people I've met in my travels. Awesome tech stuff, GREAT cooked and raw meat and seafood, interesting culture.

Korea: Just come here and drink.


Barcelona, hands down one of the best places I've ever been to. Great night life, friendly people, amazing food, lots of pork! Fuggedaboudit... too good.

@Brie Schmidt  , you rock! I will almost certainly take you up on the spare bed offer! :)Will be glad to see you again. Let’s play that bumper car ball game or whatever it is!? And I’ll avoid the snow and make a meetup this time too! *PS. I’ll be having another Summit when the market starts crashing again! ;)Come out to the Bay, and you have a place to crash at my place!

@Matt McNeil , appreciate the offer so much! I would love to take you up on it talk to you more about your travels. Having traveled the world yourself, and especially the areas I plan on going, I would love to get some advice from you! I plan on going to India and Nepal after my US road trip. My late Aunt’s favorite country was Bhutan because they measure Gross National Happiness instead of Gross National Product, and her favorite place was Tiger’s Next temple. So I plan on making a trip there also. Cambodia and Thailand are on my list too! So you would be a wealth of information! :) Thank you!! I will be in touch. And likewise, you’re welcome to crash at my apartment in the Bay! :)I just sent you a colleague request.

@Lynn Currie, how are things going in Austin? Building up a storm? Still got that airstream...?

@Steve Marshall
 I’ll be coming out to Thailand, and would definitely love to meet up with you in Bangkok and chat about Asia, living overseas, real estate… Looks like you have more living abroad experience than I do! Looking forward to an education! Just sent you a colleague request.

@Ben Leybovich
 Was that a thinly veiled offer of a place to crash with the great Ben Leybovich in Lima?

@Crystal Smith
 Damn! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of traveling!!! I’m trying to keep it to the less expensive countries to start, like SE Asia, India, Central & South America, etc.., but if RE keeps going like this, I’ll splurge a little more :)Thanks for the ChiTown offer! Between yourself, Brie, and one other person I know, it looks like I’ll have Chicago more than covered!! Appreciate it :)

Everyone, everyone, thank you for all the tips!! I definitely added San Antonio to the list, and definitely will be going to Nashville. I want to try to hit Miami (though way down there..). And I’m going to look more into costs in the Philippines outside of Manila. We’ll see how cheap it is.. Thank you everyone!! :)

Hello all,

I'm Mark and a new member to this forum. I would say the best places I've lived so far may surprise some. Top 5 are Berth, sydney Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel are awesome. Just expensive. Japan and Korea was very nice. Iceland was pretty good. Now I live in Bangkok and truly love it here. It's affordable and contrary to many there is lots of opportunities.   

Originally posted by @Mark DeLeon :

Hello all,

I'm Mark and a new member to this forum. I would say the best places I've lived so far may surprise some. Top 5 are Berth, sydney Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel are awesome. Just expensive. Japan and Korea was very nice. Iceland was pretty good. Now I live in Bangkok and truly love it here. It's affordable and contrary to many there is lots of opportunities.   

Hey Mark,

Welcome to BP.

I'm currently living out here in Korea. When were you out here?

Aside from my day job of running an English education institute in Gangnam, I also help run a meetup that many BP members are a part of. We've been doing it for about 2 years now - helping to connect the international community of investors and get people talking and sharing resources.

What type of properties are you investing in Thailand? I thought about buying a bungalow once on Koh Chang - something like $2,000 USD to have something on the beach. At the time, I wasn't a serious investor though so I didn't look into all the details. I just thought the idea of living next to a beach in a small little hut sounded cool ^^

Thailand is definitely a beautiful place with great people and food.

Hope you're staying cool ^^

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