Experience with lenders in Fresno, CA

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a lender or credit union/bank in Fresno area? I am looking to purchase a 4-plex and want to make sure I am working with an investor friendly lender/bank.

I have heard of these 3 lenders, please provide a review if you have used their services:

Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Kings Mortgage Services

Platinum Home Mortgage

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Kings Mortgage is good.  But I would personally base my decision off the fees and the officer facilitating the process.  The loan process is a nasty roller coaster.  Find someone that doesn't blow much smoke.  I've heard CashCall Mortgage is good.  You don't need the lender to be based in Fresno.


Any update on invest-friendly lenders in Fresno? I've tried a few credit union's and a couple hard money lenders. The credit union's are a no-go and the hard money lenders are 3+ points--for a $80-$100k purchase price it's pretty brutal! Thanks!

what's up @Mike Thoeresz , i have a few you can chat with.  it really can be brutal when it comes to those lower loans.  usually, a 65k loan is a minimum that anybody will do conventionally, but sometimes there are exceptions.  shoot me a message and we can chat about some options for you.