Where my Fresno players at?

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This sub-forum is dead!!! Is Fresno the gold mine I have been seeking and nobody wants to share? Seriously though what is happening in Fresno? I am 3.5 hours away by car and am taking a hard look at Fresno for my next B&H. Can a patient investor find a cash flowing property on the MLS? Is the 1% rule possible? What is the going rate for a PM in Fresno? Who is buying in Fresno and wouldn't mind talking?

I live in fresno I been trying looking for months but nothing with the 1% rule. I been trying to connect with wholeseller telling them to give the oportunity to be in their email list that way in can have more houses to look for potential deal but nothing happen, Maybe you have more cash to buy something cash offer, you can do that better than me.

hey @Noel R. yes it is possible, but it takes a lot of looking and it takes some creativity to "see your way through the deal".  Fresno has been good to me.  I pay 8% gross rents collected for property management, others pay $50-$100 flat per door .  Feel free to message me if you want to talk more.