Investing in Fresno/Central CA

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To all of the investors out there who invest in Fresno or Central CA in general, how is it working out? I am from Sacramento and have a couple of doors here, but want to explore investing in Fresno area or maybe Central CA in general. I am a buy and hold or BRRRR investor and would like to connect with like minded people in Fresno, maybe get a few recommendations. I have a couple of questions for you as well:

  1. How's the competition? We have way too many people trying to do this in Sacramento so even prices for investors are inflated.
  2. What's the typical price range for a 3/2 SFH in a B neighborhood?
  3. Which areas would you recommend to invest in? I would like to stick to B neighborhoods if possible.
  4. Any recommendations on an investor friendly agent?
  5. Any recommendations on a great PM in the area?

Thanks for your time

Fresno, Salinas , Porterville , Bakersfield are still penciling our for many of our investors. I just learnt yesterday that Bakersfield has become a docking land port. We finance on mostly the b and c areas and landlord clients have section 8 renters that maintain and make their rent payments on time .