This board has been dormant for awhile. But I'll be in Fresno.

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This board has been dormant for awhile. But I'll be in Fresno this weekend (07/13-07/15) to help celebrate a family member's birthday (step-mother) 

I don't know the Fresno area very well as were to meet but just curious to see if anyone wants to meet-up 1-on-1 or as a small group. I'll do my best to discuss my probate investing/research and how I'm marketing.

Sorry for the last minute post..

Warm regards....

Sorry for the late response @Renee Harris

I was in Kermin this past weekend helping to celebrate my step-mother's 80th birthday. While I was in the Fresno area I just wanted to hook up with any BP member(s) to currently see what the market was like. But sorry, I don't know what the market is like in Fresno.

Yes, I get along with my step-mother. I met her after my own family probate process settled. No, wasn't the PR.

 Nice lady and she's been through a lot.

Good heart as well..

Hi Mark, I just read your post. Too bad, I would have met up and shared information. I'm not in Fresno's market but am close by. I am interested in probate investing and best way to start...any ideas?