Sacramento City rental inspections

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I have my first inspection scheduled by the city this week, and I was wondering if there are any particulars I should look out for. In general, I keep my properties above and beyond the city's standards. Based on the provided checklist I don't think there should be issues, but I thought I'd get the opinion of anyone who has gone through this previously.

Additionally, does anyone know how the self certification process works? I've seen it referenced, but have not been able to find any particulars.

@Derek Daun ,

I have done both.  The inspections are pretty straight forward.  As long as the house looks to be in good shape and you follow their list you will be fine.  If there is a minor issue and you can fix it then they will probably let you.  They want to ensure the tenant has a safe house and haven't been out to fail me in the past. 

The inspectors are overloaded they will try to get in, check everything quick and get out without having to reinspect.  Work with them and they will work with you.  When they call make sure to set the time and be there or have someone there that will let them in.

I have only had one inspection per property and the follow on years have been self certification.  In my opinion it comes down to them wanting the money from the program.  The house being safe but it's not important enough to send an inspector out each year.


It really depends. When I had my first (and so far only) physical inspection some years ago it was rather informal. Inspector came in and looked around, gave me some grief over the water heater and signed me off. I think like most inspections it really depends on who you get and their mood that day. But since you're above and beyond I wouldn't worry.

The self certification or self inspection that you'll get to do once you pass your first physical inspection is a total joke. It's a form and a fee. That's it.

The inspector called me that morning telling about what time and then again about 20 mins out.

Hello @Derek Daun ,

I also have my first inspection coming up (next week).  I called them and asked if I could get a smaller window and they let me request a two hour time frame but they also confirmed that the inspector would call me before heading out to the property.  And yes the self certification is only available after the first physical inspection by an inspector.  I believe I am in the same boat as you which is that the property should pass with flying colors and this is more of a formality and getting you on the list for the annual fee's.

Quick follow up.

The inspection went well without any problems. He called me at about 9:00 saying he was in the neighborhood, and offered to meet me then or he could go to another call first.

The inspector was very casual and just kind of walked through the house without looking at anything that close. He did point out a couple of minor things I should fix, but didn't write them down as violations. I'm beginning to agree with other's opinion that this might be more about just collecting fees than anything else.

@Derek Daun , @Jorge Soto

To follow up, I had my inspection on Friday, got a call form the inspector in the morning with a  one hour window.  Inspector got their with in the first 10 minutes of that window.  The inspector was friendly and up beat.  The inspection was done in about 15-20 minutes and went over exactly what they mail to you before hand.  The saddest part of the experience was that the inspector told me I was the first one that she had passed so far for her day.  This makes me sad because the inspection covers the bare necessitates of what constitutes a safe house, and they tell you exactly what is going to be inspected before hand.  Which means if you fail the inspection you did not care enough to make sure the home you are providing meets basic safety standards, and you thought some how it would not get caught.  Which also means as a landlord you are okay with providing sub-par housing in my opinion. 

@Jorge Soto I received the packet in the mail that had what day the inspection was going to be, what was to be inspected, and any forms I might need to have filled out at the inspection.  I called and requested a smaller time frame (the letter had a 4 hour window) and received a 2 hour window on the phone.  The day of the inspection I received a phone call in the morning by the inspector and was given a one hour window.  

@Al Vo , yes inspection is also for single family  homes. The city flags any property where the address is different than the owners home address. So far my two inspections have not had any issues; the entire inspection lasts less than 10 minutes.

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