New to Investing. Sacramento,CA area

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Hello investors, how's the market? Anyone from Sacramento,Ca that's doing good? 

@Joshua Hicks Welcome to BP!

I have the exact same question as you, going to have to spend some time getting to know Sacramento. Hopefully someone will chime in.

@Joshua Hicks welcome to BP!

I moved to Sac from Bay Area last November, i own a few properties in Bay Area and I am always on the lookout. In my opinion, for buy and hold, the numbers Sac area don't work anymore. I have decided to stay on the sideline for now. I think it may still be a good flip market for those who are in construction.

Joshua I'm going to have to echo the sentiments of @Brad S. The bulk of proerties  you're looking for don't pencil out. That's not to say they don't exist but it will take a good deal of hustling to find and get them.

In some areas in the region you can see signs that prices are leveling off. 

I can say that it is getting tougher to find deals out here, but it definitely can be done. There are a few areas like Oak Park and Old North Sacramento that are going through a bit of a gentrification phase, but it can be a gamble because there's lots of riff-raff to be seen in those areas as well.

Thanks guys, yea I've been searching hourly and well there are a few but not many

Finding deals is much harder than a few years ago. In many cases the SFH valuations are not too far off from pre crash levels.

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