Wholesaling, Flipping or Lease Options In South Sacramento Area

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Hello All,

I has a question regarding the area in south Sacramento in regards to flips in the Dagget Villa Area, St Mary's Cemetery Area between 21st ave down to 34th ave.  Is this a stay away from area completely from an investor stand point?  I want to get information on this area from investors who have flipped or buy and rent properties in the area.  What are your thoughts?  How hard is it to sell a rehabbed house in this area, market duration?  Any information on this thread or a message sent to my inbox is very much appreciated as it will lead to more questions I would like answered if possible.  Any further clarification as to why I am asking is I am looking to put houses in the area under contract and wondering if I should focus elsewhere.  Thank you.

The market is so tight with a low inventory that everything is selling fast under 300k. I just sold a remodeled home in Roseville in just one weekend with multiple offers over asking price. You can sell anything anywhere as long as you buy it below value and price it at retail

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