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Hello all, I'm wondering if there is a BP jobs board (although I think I'd have heard of it now)?

Where would BP members generally go to post a position if they needed to say expand their flipping, wholesaling, etc business?

I am in the Bay Area and would love to join a team that needs help. So far, all I have found to this end is Craigslist.



Don't know if it's too far of a drive but there are frequent meetups in Roseville and Sacramento for investors and I'm sure you'll be able to partner up with someone there.

Hi Derek, I have heard of there being meetups in Sacramento, but do you happen to know when and where? How do I find out? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


thanks a bunch Derek!

I think this would be a great add to the site. Where better to find someone like minded with an obvious interest to better themselves?!

@Nick Zocher welcome!

If you go to the real estate marketplace forum here on BP there is a filter for jobs.  This may only be a pro member feature though, I'm not quite sure

@Nick Zocher , pretty much what @Tim Kunz said.  Under "Marketplace" at the top menu, there is a "Real Estate Jobs" section.  Not sure if it's a PRO only feature either.

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