New to Bigger Pockets, seeking advice on Sacramento and Elk Grove

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Hi all,

I recently joined Bigger Pockets. New to Real Estate investing and would like to get started with a few SFH in Sacramento, CA or Elk Grove, CA. Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated on these markets or best place to start. Would also love any local Realtor recommendations!



Welcome to the site. Both terrific areas for holds and still flips. Realtor recommendation welcome to pm me

Thank you @Wes Blackwell ! The more I dug into BP the more amazing resources I found and this one was so so helpful! Really appreciate you putting this together!

Hey @Alexander L. , if you haven't already, I'd recommend listening to as many podcasts as possible while you are driving around. They are super helpful in gaining an education in REI. Make sure you watch one of the webinars too. Find a local meet-up and get out there and start meeting and networking with local investors! Good luck!

Thank you, Kim! I've been getting through 3-4 a day at work and they are so so helpful. Learning a ton love the BP community so far :)

@Alexander L. Welcome! You picked a couple of great areas to start. I would go with @Wes Blackwell for a realtor as he really knows the areas evidenced by his posts. Don't think anyone else would be more knowledgeable. Sac and Roseville have great meet ups. So many resources locally to you. Are you ready to buy now or still finding a strategy? Good luck.

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