Dear Members,

I am a 63 yr. old, woman Army vet and part time school district teacher in need of guidance.  As a member, I have been watching BP forums, podcasts, and purchasing and reading materials for over a year; attending local RI workshops since 2014, reading books, and I am at a loss.  I have been trying to recoup a $2000. rental deposit and $2,500 personal injury claim since 10/16 through conversations, personal & certified letters culminating in a small claims court appearance on 6/16/17 (thanks to Legal Serv).  I had a small claims court appearance for 4/2017 and even got a presentation date for the TV show "Hot Bench" but the landlord declined to appear.  I had the Sheriff's Dept process serve him, but they only "sub-served."  So a "flunky" signed the papers but in court the judge stated "the defendant said he didn't receive the notice."  It is so reprehensible as he initially received $9,000 from VOA ( a vet org.) on my behalf.   I have been a model tenant all my life, especially with this landlord (renting a room and a bathroom in his house: 1050./mon) which he later rented for $900/mon.: maintaining his property, watering newly planted trees in the front, until the irrigation system kicked in; paying rent, water, utilities and internet  (1,355./mon when the lease said a total of 1,050) and the rent was always paid a month in advance from 7/1/15 to 9/23/16. I want my day in court, my name back and my monetary damages. Can anyone recommend to me a good private process server/private investigator so I can have my day in court. VOA, VA and other vet. organizations have been no help with this as I don't have a service connected disability (I get that; others need help more than I). Most importantly, he's got my BP Pro payment in the $2000 I was counting on to join. Since he's dodging me like the plague I am a bit empowered but any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys.


Brenda H.