Gardeners Recommendation / Sacramento Area

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Does anyone recommend any great gardeners in the Sacramento area?  I've been looking around on Yelp and CL, but I usually get better recommendations on BP has been great for me. They use subcontractors but the service and consistency is better than I achieved hiring on my own.

@Joe Bertolino - Hey JOe. I have a gardener out in the Natomas area who's pretty good & reasonable. He just mows the lawn (~10,000 sq ft) once (or twice) a month. I can't really remember. If you're interested, PM me and I can give you his details.

Hey @Edit B. what kind of gardening are you looking for?  My wife has a small gardening business based in Sacramento.

But if you're just looking for someone to mow your lawn and trim the bushes (ie: more physical labor vs. real gardening), you might be better off hiring from a different company that specializes in that.

I'm looking for someone to  come by a few times a month to maintain the surrounding area, and cut any grass but thanks for the reply Sean

I've gone through a few bad landscapers that do a lousy job just mowing and blowing, but finally found one I like. His name is Jose Cruz of Cruz Landscaping. His number is 9167069338.

@Edit B. put a post on the nextdoor app. you'll find a good person in your area.

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