Approximate sewer/water cost for a Sacramento Duplex

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Can anyone with a duplex in Sacramento (city) give a ballpark on the sewer water bill. Units are a 3/2 and 2/1. Is it going to be similar to 2X the cost of a single family, or somewhere between that and one single family? I usually ballpark $150.

I've been looking for an answer to the water/sewer bill question as well. I've been using $50 per bedroom on my cost estimates.

Our duplex in Sacramento has following utilities charges:

- Water, Drainage, Garbage - $150 per month

- Sewer - $165 bi-monthly - $83 per month

My duplex is 2/1 on both sides.  Water, sewer, garbage runs about $260 per month.

City of Sacramento: water/sewer/trash for me is $297. 78.

on my triplex. smud bill's like $350 a month. city of sac under 100. pg&e 250. 

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