Sacramento Vacancies? - August 1

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Hi BP Community - 

My wife and I currently reside in San Francisco, and the time has come to move back into the Sacramento market. My wife and I have lived in SF for the past 7 years while I went to college and started my career, and with our firstborn en route in November, we need to make the strategic move to where our families are. My wife is a 4th grade teacher and I am a loan originator for real estate investors, and we're looking for somewhere to rent in Sacramento proper. When we were looking 2 years ago, buying was an option, but the market is too hot right now for us to afford.

It's a challenge locating a promising place while not local to the property, and that's why I'm turning to a trusted resource - BiggerPockets! If you're a rental property owner in Sacramento (preferably on the Grid, but immediate outer-lying areas are great, too) then please DM me with details so we can set up a call.

We both have 6+ years of perfect rental history, references, 740+ credit scores and no pets. Ideal situation would be a 3/2 (or a 2/2 with a separate office since I work from home), small yard, decent neighborhood, washer and dryer in-house/unit in a neighborhood where you're hard-pressed to find bars on the windows and front door. 

We're moving in July, with an August 1st move-in (+/- 5 days depending on availability) and would LOVE to hear from you if you have something available in the area. 

Thank you!

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