Long Beach Investor Roll Call

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I love that BP has started sub-forum categories. It'll make networking with other local professionals that much easier. 

I want to encourage all Long Beach flippers, landlords, wholesalers, brokers, contractors, insurance agents, attorneys etc to subscribe to this forum and make it as robust as possible about all things Long Beach. 

Looking forward to watching this sub-forum grow!

Hi I'm an active local investor in Long Beach.  I'm currently looking to acquire 6-20 unit properties.  Just depends on the area within Long Beach city!

Hi I was wondering if there are any other local Long Beach real estate "geeks" like me.  I'm really searching actively for a multi-unit here.  If anyone is local, likes to put boots on the ground and take action (instead of just reading about real estate, which I also enjoy) feel free to hit me up. 

 I am walking the neighborhoods today searching for that diamond in the rough of investment properties near downtown Long Beach and south of 10th street on the West side.  

My husband and I are looking to start flipping houses in and around LA/OC/Riverside/San Bernardino. We live in Belmont Shore Long Beach, so it would be great if we could do our first few flips close to home. That may not happen with price points being so high in this area, but you never know. We're interested in networking with anyone who has advice for us, wholesalers, private lenders, and people who want to joint venture.

Update-- I acquired a couple mid-size apartments and an SFR for rehab in last few months in Long Beach.

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https://www.facebook.com/betterhousingforlongbeach/ This is a great organization to join as well for Long Beach RE investors who want to actively improve the city of long beach and their investments.

Lakewood residence looking to purchase REO, short sales, foreclosures and buy and hold.

I'm also a private lender.

I'm interested in investing in Lakewood, parts of the good Long Beach, Cypress, Bellflower and Cerritos.

I would love to connect with any of you to network and learn from. I'd like to shadow some experienced investors so I can learn the ropes. Anyoned interested sharing their expertise I would glady buy you dinner.

PM me.

I am a new buyer looking for Multifamily in Long Beach and surrounding areas, but would like to stick to LB if possible. I have since put in two offers on two different locations within the same day of listing only to get kick to the side with cash offers........what's the deal, is it the BP secret cult pooling their money together? I want in, hit up the little guy. 


I purchase REOs, short sales, foreclosures and buy and hold properties. Four units and under are preferred however will consider other opportunities. 

If a deal needs to close fast, distressed ect. I can close with cash. I tend to center on properties in the Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos area.

Investment area is Los Angeles and Orange country and part of Inland Empire.

I can view/check on property next day.

Hi Everyone! I am in 90630 (Cypress) right next door to Long Beach. Always looking for flips or rentals in the Long Beach area as it is so close to home. Great to see a thread just for us! I am also an agent if anyone needs help! PM me

Hey everyone! I'm a homeowner in LB. (Rose Park), I am just starting to build my portfolio elsewhere in the US, but feel free to hit me up if you want opinions on neighborhoods etc, or want to grab some coffee. Since I live here full time I'm happy to help as a local.

Hi! I'm a local resident looking to invest in multi family now that I've completed my first flip. Looking to connect with a local, trustworthy contractor that does good work. Anyone have anyone they like?

Hey I recently purchased a rehab for $400k in LB and am in escrow for $600k.  If a mentee or intern would like to look at it I still have it in escrow and can show them ropes.

I'm looking for the next deal.  

-Cash for SFR 300-600k PP at 70% ARV.

-I'm also looking for off market retail, multifamily and industrial. Value ad and fixers.. $350k-$2M

Hi all!

90602 (Whittier) here! Anyone who's open to networking and sharing wholesaling ideas can definitely contact me! I'm a newcomer in the area but I'm a fast learner and ready for that first wholesale!


Hey there! I'm a new investor and recently moved to the Long Beach area (from Highland Park). My businesses are in St Louis, MO and Los Angeles. My network is stronger in St Louis, where I've been putting more energy until very recently. Looking to network, in general, but also looking for potential partners and cash buyers.