Buy & Hold or BRRRR around Long Beach (south of circle)

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Hey all,

Was curious how the rental market generally looks around the Long Beach area. I'm a noob scoping things out in LA/OC. I'm interested in Buy & Hold and BRRRR particularly for duplexes or multiplexes and was just checking around on Realtor and Zillow for starters to practice deal analyzing... seems like, at least for duplexes, there might be some pretty decent deals to be had. For instance, one portion of a duplex 3/2 could rent anywhere from $2500-3000 from what I've seen and I just saw a 6/5 duplex selling around $600k (though it's pending). Does this seem pretty realistic to you guys?

I live in Long Beach, and I think it depends on what part of long beach you are talking about. Also, FYI, the C17 plant is closing this year (or in the process of).