wholesaling in california

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Hey fam, I just wanted to know is wholesaling hard or am I just doing it wrong. I'm from California, and I wholesale in the los angeles county area ex. Long beach, Los Angeles etc. I cannot seem to find ANY motivated sellers in this county. I've been looking for 1 month, and I cant find anything. I've tried a few systems that locate properties, but when I send them mail I don't receive any calls??? I've tried driving for dollars, I've looked on craigslist, etc.

Hehe. Welcome to LA. Only those who persevere survive. I have tons of mails that come on a weekly basis, i could spot an ad once i touch the envelope, and it's span of time before going to the trash is about 3 seconds.


You have to realize that in CA you’re competing against people who are spending $50k/mo in direct mail.

Those are the only ones really making money with wholesaling here because it’s so competitive.