Investment challenge - consider this a way to showcase your special investment talents :-). Plus, all of us are bored working from home so this is a good way to get your creative juices flowing...

So up front, we recently made some modest profits on a deal and I thought this would be an interesting way to get some perspectives from fellow investors across the country. I'm located in northern California -in Sonoma county with quite the challenging market forces in cost per square foot but not increased rents and thought this would be a fun game to play. Given current market dynamics (covid), the potential changes due to the upcoming transition in presidency, and any number of factors specific to you (risk tolerance, mfh vs sfh, fix and flip, etc)...
If you had to spend $500k liquid cash, what would be your strategy (and why) in the next 3 to 6 months to put that money to work for the Long term? 

1. Multifamily

2. Spread over multiple sfh with 20% down payments taking advantage of low interest rates

3. 1031 before biden gets in office

4. Commercial

5. Reit or fund

6. Diversify with all above

7. Other

8. Dig a hole in the ground and save it 

9. Development of vacant land

And go.